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“INZEUS” who are we. We start small company with big passion is uplifting 100 million people to have smart life and smart living. What is INZEUS name came from? , The INZEUS = “INNOVATION” + “ZEUS” and our value is innovation of things. We seeking all technology both hardware and software from any source in the world. We design and integrated as solution to provide new customer experience we call  “SMART LIVING by INZEUS”. By the way let me show our small idea about smart projector

  If you think you want 4K smart TV over 100 inch with high end sound quality and how much you will pay? Like me I think I have to pay 9,000 USD. Another challenge if I want to see BIG TV when I go camping or some place is no electric source. INZEUS we in deep understand our customer need. We can provide 4K smart projector with 100-300 inch with  Harman Kardon high-end sound quality with you can pay only 899 USD. Some of smart projector we provide 18,000 mAH with 2-3 hours play time . We want to help our customer live it more easy just have only smart projector with you 4G phone you can create smart home theater in anywhere that you want.

   We engage the best brand of smart projector with selling in Amazon and No 1 market share in CHINA to do market in Thailand “XGIMI”, we only sole distributor for Thailand , Myanmar and Vietnam

Established on JUN 2018 with Capital 4.0 Million Bath ( 120,000 USD)


We will BE The Market Leader of Smart Devices and Solutions in South East ASIA with 2020 To uplifting quality of living of

100 millions people by using technology innovation

1. To BE Smart Solutions Designer


3. To be a Smart solution innovation center and Market place


5. DEVELOP TEAMS and increase Employee capability

6. TAKE CARE Stock Holders and SOCIETY

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