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INZ Bell Lamp

INZ Bell Lamp

โคมไฟอ่านหนังสือ RGB

ปรับเปลี่ยนสีได้ 16 ล้านสี ปรับอุณภูมิของสี เเละความสว่างได้


1. Dimmable and Tunable.

2. Fun and Easy to Play with Smart Color Lights.

3. Eye Friendly Reading Light: Diffused Light Effect.

4. Alexa & Google Home Connection.


- Voice control: This product can be voice controlled though Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, TmallGenie etc;

- Wireless control: by APP, can control the lamp at any time any place;

lComfort white light: adopted 2000K and 5700K LEDs, can stimulate candle flicking, and provide 3 tiers white;

- RGB light: 2 RGB model available; Through APP, can provide 16 millions color, can set combo of lights and colors

according to our own preference;

- Knob adjusting: can realize stepless brightness adjusting and select colors by adjust the knob;

- Memory function: can memorize the last status before switched off, avoid repeating setting;

- Timing function: press the key to start timing, also can set timing through APP;


Size : 110 X 210 mm

Weight : 610g

Material : AL alloy + ABS + PC

Finishing : White

Power comsuption : 5W

Control : Touching pad + App Control + Voice Congtrol

Light : 16 Millions colors & 2000K/3000K/4000K

Lifespan : 25000H


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