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Bosch IEL800

Bosch IEL800

Bosch IEL800 ประตูสมาร์ทที่จะช่วยในรักษาความปลอดภัยในบ้าน

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic single motor patent lock body
  • Solid flip lock tongue
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Quiet design
  • Standard for luxury houses
  • Unlock way:Fingerprint/Password/Smart Card/Mechanical Key/Remote networking
  • High sensitive touch key,32 digits virtual password.
  • FPC semiconductor fingerprint senser
  • USB emergency power supply
  • English Voice Prompt,menu operation
  • Push and pull handle
  • Pry proof alarm on panel
  • Fully automatic lock body
  • Low power warning
  • One button in protection mode
Front panel material+J29I6:J3I6:J29 Zinc alloy + atalinite
Back panel material Zinc alloy
Fingerprint capacity 100 PCS
Smart card capacity 100 PCS
Fingerprint type  FPC fingerprint senser
Virtual password length 32 digits
Fingerprint contrast mode 1:N
Password digits 6 digits
Low power alarm An alarm is given when the battery is below 4.8V
Surface treatment Paint spraying
Lock latch SUS304
Working humidity 25%RH~93%RH, No condensation
Password design Digital touch keyboard
Sensor resolution  508dpi
Dynamic power consumption 400MA
Password capacity 100PCS
External emergency power supply Power bank
Emergency power type Type-USB
Fingerprint image pixel 160x160
Fingerprint matching time 0.6S
System power supply 4PCSx1.5V battery
Static power consumption 50μA
Working temperature -25~+70°C
The key number 12 touch buttons
Usage Counter 10000 times(4PCSxAA battery)
Networking Remote networking (Optional)